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Welcome to Hospitality Mastery Hub, where we unlock your potential and turbocharge your income! If you're a driven hospitality professional in restaurants, hotels, or cafeterias, yearning to ascend the career ladder and boost your earnings, your journey begins here. Dive into strategies to overcome current challenges, maximize your skills, and attain the milestones you've long aspired to achieve. Our expert guidance will navigate you toward reshaping your career, opening doors to financial freedom and personal fulfilment. Set the stage for a prosperous future in the hospitality industry—start your transformative journey today!

Do you feel like a slave to your work?

Do you often feel...
Stressed about money

Anxious about business

Fighting more with your spouse over work

Wasting precious time with family and friends

80% of restaurant owners experience these same feelings.
There is a better way.

Restaurant success is not rocket science, but people science. 

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 "I can only thank Giampaolo for the incredible support and valuable lessons he has offered me as a coach.Thanks to his knowledge and experience, I have learnt to manage the daily challenges of my business more efficiently and to develop new strategies to improve my business.
I highly recommend Giampaolo to anyone looking for a competent and passionate professional in the restaurant industry."
A little bit of Me...

Hey! I am a restaurant enthusiast with a history spanning three generations. From a young age, I started as an assistant in my father's pizzeria restaurant, dedicating myself only to Saturday and Sunday evenings back in 1984. Over the years, I opened my first pizzeria when I was only 18 years old, unfortunately facing commercial failure. However, from this experience I learnt a fundamental lesson that has shaped my life for a good forty years, completely transforming it.
Today, I can boast of extensive experience as an employee and owner of pizzerias and takeaway restaurants, including even managing a fast food pizzeria inside the US military bases in Kuwait for an entire year. For the past five years, I have lived, lived and worked in England, actively contributing to the growth of the pizza restaurant where I operate. I have increased earnings, and profits and facilitated the creation of new jobs by training new boys and girls. 
Now I am here to put all my experience at your disposal, offering innovative solutions in the areas of marketing, including digital marketing, personnel management, food costs, administration and bureaucracy, and much more.
If you would like to transform your business or as an employee, improve profits and successfully face daily challenges, I am here to help you. Don't miss the opportunity to find out how my coaching and mentoring can make a difference in your career in the restaurant industry. Contact me now and let's start this journey to success together!


What Il Kitchen Coach does:

Every career path requires personalised support, which is why the way I act as a Kitchen Coach depends on the person in front of me.


Do you often feel...


Imagine you close your eyes and listen to my voice. 

Feel my calm, soothing tone lulling you. I have been a Pizzaiolo and Chef for over 30 years. I have worked as an employee of major companies in the industry, but more importantly, I founded a successful company in 1997.
I created this coaching system because I want to share my experience with you!

Listen carefully: 

I am here to help you achieve the success you deserve.


Gain confidence in building your brand that will enable you to dominate the market!

Build a team around you that will allow you to work more ON your business and less IN your business.

Achieve and maintain high profitability that will eliminate the average stress of the restaurant experience and your work.

Driving business leaders, enhancing interpersonal and behavioural skills. Goals: awareness, overcoming limits, professional success. Benefits: external vision, company growth, individual and communication improvement.
 It is counselling for people leaving a company. It helps to reintegrate into work through skills analysis, emotional support, and career coaching. The company offers the service to protect its brand and encourage the acquisition of new talent. At the same time, the benefiting employees reduce anxiety, develop their professional brand, and receive ongoing support even after their new job.

For business: Scientific assessment of motivation, improves engagement, and reduces turnover. 
Self-discovery: Identifies basic desires, and improves happiness. Useful in pairs to understand motivations. 

Following these simple but effective steps will enable you to achieve amazing goals with less effort:
work less and achieve more.

0  1
Let's clarify where you are now and where you want to be in 90 days.
0  2
I have a programme for every Restaurant, Chef, Pizzaiolo.
0  3
Find out here how the 
Scientific Motivation 
helps people 
to succeed.
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Start getting the Restaurant, Job and Life you want.

Let me help you achieve your goals!

I am Giampaolo Ferranti, Il Kitchen Coach, and I am here to help you achieve your most ambitious goals!
With 40 years of experience in the industry, I have worked as a pizza maker, chef and consultant for successful companies all over the world.
But I will never forget the first mistakes I made when I opened my first restaurant with my father.
During my search, I got to know the Accademia dei Coach with whom I started a personal growth path and found a way to build a successful brand, strengthen my team and run a profitable business.
Now, these guiding principles are the basis of my teaching.
Trust me and together we will realise your biggest dreams!

Coaching is the answer to all your problems!

You may have heard of the 'gurus' who tell you to work more on your business and less on your business, but they have never provided you with a step-by-step guide to achieve this.
Don't worry, because now you have found the solution!
With my coaching support, you will learn exactly how to run YOUR business and achieve maximum success.
Don't waste any more time, start your journey to success with me now!





£ 2500 




What can coaching do for YOU?

 I do not offer you an immediate solution to your problems, but I do help you change your mindset and solve the root of the problem. Once you face this challenge, your problems will solve themselves and you will achieve maximum success.
With my personalised coaching, you are on the right track to transform your life and achieve your most ambitious goals.
Start your journey to fulfilment now!


Before I found Giampaolo Ferranti, I was losing my passion for my business and felt lost. Giampaolo helped me focus my energy and bring my business to success with his incredible programme!



We love working with Giampaolo. My food costs have decreased by more than 10%, the cost of labour working with me is decreasing and the training has improved a lot. We highly recommend working with Giampaolo Ferranti!


Giampaolo helped me reshape our culture through coaching. This has transformed my work and my profits to new levels. I now spend more time working on my new business and enjoy being a kitchen helper with many more skills.


I had the pleasure of working with Giampaolo Ferranti for several months and was impressed by his in-depth knowledge of the restaurant industry. His coaching sessions were very useful for me as a pizza maker, as they helped me improve my technical skills and adopt new techniques to prepare my pizzas. I highly recommend Giampaolo Ferranti's coaching to all pizza makers who wish to improve their skills.


Thanks to Giampaolo Ferranti's coaching, I finally found the right direction for my restaurant. His coaching sessions helped me to improve my staff management, create a more effective menu and develop new marketing strategies. I recommend all restaurant and pizzeria owners to consider Giampaolo Ferranti's coaching to improve their business.


After participating in Giampaolo Ferranti's coaching, I became a much more confident and capable chef. His coaching sessions helped me develop new cooking techniques and find creative ways to present my dishes to customers. In addition, I appreciated his practical approach and his tailor-made solutions for my restaurant. I recommend all restaurant owners and chefs to work with Giampaolo Ferranti to improve their skills.

Schedule YOUR FREE 15-minute call now and get ready for an immediate change in your life!
If you are ready to face uncertainty and step out of your comfort zone, this call is perfect for you.
Transform your life and achieve your most ambitious goals!
There is no more time to lose, act now and book your call with me.
I will guide you step by step towards the transformation you deserve and the success you have always wanted.
Your life is waiting!

Would you like to avoid the pain, stress and anxiety that I experienced as an employee and owner of a pizza restaurant?
Then let me show you exactly how you can earn more by working less!
You can avoid going through the same hurdles I did, I have already worked out the exact steps to save you time, effort and fatigue.
Use my experience and knowledge to achieve the success you deserve.
 Take the opportunity to transform your professional life, let me show you the way and book a call with me now!


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